6Connex acquires Eventory to broaden its offering of hybrid event services

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, November 9, 2021

6Connex, the leading platform for virtual and hybrid events, announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire Eventory, one of the leading global event management platforms, in order to provide its customers with a broader range of virtual and hybrid event services. The acquisition’s terms were not disclosed.

The 6Connex product range has been expanded with the acquisition of the Eventory event management platform, allowing customers to deliver compelling events.

Customers of 6Connex can now deliver even more engaging events thanks to the Eventory event management platform.

6Connex CEO Ruben Castao stated, “This investment is a significant strategic step forward for our company, allowing us to offer a full suite of best-in-class solutions to satisfy the needs of physical, virtual, and hybrid events. Eventory’s product range helps us achieve our aim of delivering developing event technologies faster, more inexpensively, and more reliably than anybody else. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Eventory to benefit our customers.”

Through a comprehensive set of solutions that blend attendee engagement features, AI-driven interactions, and distinct virtual environments, the combined 6Connex and Eventory solutions will enable customers to build, plan, manage, and conduct physical and virtual events. Eventory is a company located in Poland that works with a wide range of companies and marketing agencies all around the world. While 6Connex works to completely integrate Eventory’s products, users will be able to purchase them separately.

“We’re excited to be a part of a company that we’ve long held in high respect and whose reputation is well-known in the events sector,” said Eventory CEO Andrzej Targosz.

“Eventory’s dynamic physical and hybrid functionalities will further enhance 6Connex’s capacity to unlock new markets and achieve future growth, and I am convinced that 6Connex will be able to fulfil rising demands in the events industry. Eventory’s present clients and employees will profit from this deal, since they will be joining a leading player in the events industry.”



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