Eventleaf has integrated with Zapier to provide event managers with easy automation


Eventleaf integration with Zapier

Eventleaf (https://www.eventleaf.com), a corporate event management platform utilized by thousands of event professionals across the world, announced today that it has integrated with Zapier.

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Zapier is a web-based automation technology that enables busy managers to quickly construct automated workflows and accomplish more. Eventleaf now has access to over 3,000 Zapier partner web apps as a result of the integration.

Sandeep Jolly, CEO and founder of Eventleaf developer Jolly Technologies, thinks that automation saves time and money. “By integrating with Zapier, busy event managers will be able to increase their productivity and devote more time to what matters most.”

To conduct fundamental daily chores, the average modern-day employee uses at least nine different apps. An event manager, for example, may need to go back and forth between an event management portal, CRM software, a slew of social media platforms, a few productivity tools, and various email accounts on a regular basis. COVID-19 and the accompanying remote working trends have increased to the average white-collar worker’s technological burden, resulting in a sort of stress known as ‘app fatigue.’

Eventleaf customers won’t have to log into ten different applications to do manual chores like sending email reminders thanks to Zapier integration. They can easily automate activities and establish workflows that combine various web applications. According to statistics, automation can save businesses 10–50 percent of the time and money spent on low-value repetitive jobs.

When developing automations, none of Eventleaf’s amazing simplicity is sacrificed, because Zapier’s software is just as user-friendly as Eventleaf’s. Event planners only need to create triggers and actions via a user-friendly web interface.

An event can be a trigger, such as when you publish your conference or when a participant pays. A response to another event is referred to as an action. Retrieving an attendee’s registration information for display on another website, for example.

Eventleaf isn’t the first event software to integrate with Zapier, but it’s the most straightforward and user-friendly. It is based on a simple design philosophy in which the platform provides the essential functions while allowing users to conduct extra tasks with their preferred tools. The integration allows Eventleaf users to boost their productivity while also adding a useful app to Zapier’s partner list.


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