Hakimo, a physical security platform powered by AI, has raised $4 million in a seed round.

16 November 2021, MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA

Hakimo Funding News

The seed investment of $4 million for Hakimo, an AI platform that aims to offer cybersecurity-like solutions to the physical security market, has been disclosed.

Hakimo has entered the market at a time when re-populated office campuses are most in need of innovative security solutions, having been founded by Stanford-trained engineers and funded by seasoned venture capitalists with years of experience in the space.

Companies must now incorporate physical security measures that fit variable employee schedules and less organised office traffic when workplaces reopen and new on-premise schedules arise to accommodate employees’ health and safety concerns following the pandemic.

Returning to work can now mean offset schedules that prevent employees from recognising who should be present on campus, and the persistent trend in job shuffling means many new employees are indistinguishable from visitors or guests, where physical security has long relied on badges, cameras, and sign-in sheets.

Hakimo collects data from a variety of sources, including security cameras and badge readers, and applies computer vision and data analytics techniques to it, allowing businesses to quickly identify risks and vulnerabilities.

According to Sam Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Hakimo is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system for physical security because of its capacity to draw together such a wide range of data and inputs.

Identifying and resolving a security flaw in tailgating

Tailgating, the occurrence where one person badges into a door and another slips in behind them without giving proper credentials, is a prevalent security weakness that Hakimo addresses.

Hakimo employs computer vision to examine camera footage associated with each badge occurrence and links it with badging data to generate real-time alerts. Hakimo takes it a step further by offering automated email notifications and gamification tools to help employees improve their behavior.

Hakimo is a technology startup that develops a smart monitoring platform for corporate security teams that is powered by artificial intelligence. Hakimo was developed by Stanford University AI experts and is backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital organizations.


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